What size should I order?

We offer size charts on almost every product that are measured specifically for that item. Please consult the size chart for exact measurements.

We do recommend ordering one size up for two reasons. First reason, if your Little Smush has a little extra smush, ordering up will accommodate their cuteness. The second reason we recommend ordering one size up is the fact that they grow SO FAST 😭😭😭!

Please keep in mind that we ship directly from our warehouse overseas, so shipping times are often longer than average (12-25 days). We want to make sure your little one can get as much wear as possible out of their favorite outfit!

What's up with the centimeters?

Did you know that there are only 3 countries in the world that don't use the metric system? Those countries are: Liberia, Myanmar and of course… the United States of America. Since we ship globally, we default to the metric system for our size charts.

In order to convert to inches please note that: 1 cm=0.394 inches.

Example: If a size 3M romper has a 39cm length: multiply 39 by 0.394 to get the length of: 15.36 inches.